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      Number One, Kirkstall Forge

      Never one to follow the pack, CEG leads by doing things its own way. Whether managing the investment in workspaces, land or homes, CEG has a history of delivery in long-term returns by helping create the places where people want to live and work.

      Kirkstall Forge, Leeds

      A different kind of investor.

      Here’s the difference. We are not property developers. We are investment leaders. This means we take a rather different view when deciding where and how we invest in property.

      About CEG
      Tricorn House, Birmingham

      Our track record has shown we’re not afraid to go against the flow of market thinking; often that means we’ll see opportunities where others don’t. Typically, we stay invested for the long term, actively managing our investments for the benefit of our customers, creating communities not just developments. It’s a different approach, but one that in the end, yields greater value for our investment partners and for our own business.

      We don’t just invest, we’re invested.?


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      Or, contact us through one of our regional centres in Birmingham or Cornwall.

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